Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome to the MS Blogosphere

Liberated Too by tellnhelen
I believe the procedure was successful although they could only do the angioplasty on one side. Right now I'm following post-op instructions healing. My eyesight is my first big improvement. About 10 years ago I awoke during the night to a "smokey" room. There was no fire, but my fussy vision never cleared up. Today, I would describe my vision as "HD" high definition. I had forgotten how beautiful the world is---I am so grateful.
Quarter Acre Weed Farm by Karen
I have big ideas but limited energy due to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 1986. I grow weeds and other things when it's warm enough to play in the dirt. I have 2 grown children who have turned out to be wonderful adults, a terrific bonus child (my stepson), a new husband whom I adore and a little, buff cocker spaniel. We've added to our family - I'm a mother-in-law, and a grandmother of 4. I consider myself many times blessed.
Puppy's Mum by Carolyn
I write, I breed dogs, I garden. My dogs garden too. It's all good fun! Poetry means a lot to me, and I would love to help new poets find their way into their voice.
Man on a MSion
Live well with the Swank diet for multiple sclerosis.
Recipes to Fight Multiple Sclerosis by Esther

Our MS Journey by JohnnyMac
A caregivers perspective on the MS journey.
Persistent in PA by Janet
Sunday Morning started with a very early drive to Ocean City, New Jersey to meet up with two other liberated women and one almost liberated woman. This was a chance for FB friends to become face to face friends, and do some walking..... Actually we walked the 5K MS walk together. We all made it to the end of the boardwalk and back.. It was also a good chance for us to talk about the different results that each of us is experiencing since being liberated.
After I was diagnosed with MS in late January 2010, I researched it online. Big mistake. Many blogs I stumbled across were dismal and upsetting, people talking about their terrible symptoms, their anxieties and fears. I wanted to read something positive about living with MS, but the only uplifting stories I found were in pharmaceutical brochures.

Somewhere between the horror and the happiness is honesty. And that’s what this blog is all about. A real person living with a real disease. It’s not all gloomy, and it’s not all glorious. It’s just about getting through it. Celebrating the small successes, and not brooding too much about what sucks.

My MS Journal by Samantha
I was a average healthy 26 yr old woman in 2000 living in NJ with hubby and daughters when I started seeing double and my balance was WAY off. I am stubborn with myself, everyone else was always more important so I didn't complain or worry about goin to the dr. I mean if I had a headache I took a nap, but if one of the kids felt bad it was time to get to the bottom of it. Well finally after about a month of this double vision I went to the dr. With an odd look on his face he told me he wanted to admit me for more tests. I know you don't get admitted for 'testing' so I told him to tell me what he was thinking or I was going home.
Copying with MS
I am middle-aged, madly in love and coping with MS every day. I am hoping to keep an up-to-date blog of my day-to-day living with MS and share how I cope with my symptoms. I will share tips and tricks to getting more out of life and to hopefully motivate others to try to accomplish a little more day to day. I have a great support network here in Toronto, with easy access to various support services. Please feel free to contact me if you have suggestions on coping with MS - I would be delighted to share your tip and ideas with everyone!
My MS Fight by Dave
I am first and foremost the husband of my beautiful wife Julie and daddy to my two boys, Chandler and Logan. After that, my work is usually in the I.T. industry. The purpose of this Blog is to document how I'm doing and / or progressing as time goes by. My wonderful Dr. M suggested I do this so I can track my changes over time. If you are also struggling with MS, I hope you can find some comfort in reading about what I'm going through as you are not alone. If you are just curious, I hope that you gain some insight into what MS is like. No matter what, I appreciate your reading and keeping up with me.
Arterial Excursions by Evan

My name is Evan Thornton, and this is my latest stab at keeping a personal blog. I’ve started many and orphaned them all over the years; who knows — this might be the keeper. The first thing I plan on doing with this one is blogging my trip to Poland in the last week of March. I’m having vascular surgery to try to stop the progression of my MS. To get some background on what that is about, check the Wikipedia listing for something called CCSVI.

Yoga-Love-Multiple Sclerosis by
Diagnosed eight years ago, I focus my life with Yoga and Love (Reiki). During this journey I have become a qualified yoga teacher and Reiki practioner, I specialize in teaching yoga to persons with MS, my focus as well as the physical postures is helping people fall in love with themselves and find their inner-beauty and worth. I truly believe this has helped me become so strong and healthy. I am currently symptom free. The road to this place of health and love that I'm in now has been long and hard. That's another story. Just know, it's included hospitalization, medication, tears, divorce. A whole lot of stories for another time.

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