Sunday, May 16, 2010

More New MS Bloggers - Welcome

Just a few more bloggers and websites to welcome to the MS community.

My Odd Sock by Doug

Obviously, you ended up here because you mistyped…Or, you have too much time on your hands. Either way, you have stumbled upon the home to my humor, my thoughts and my complete waste of Internet technology.
My Odd Sock is my glimmer of inspiration, a creative dream of a lifetime! (Sad isn’t it?)

Tales From the Crip by Kim
Having taken turns writing for radio and reference books--and cranking out an unbearably serious first novel--I'm now exploring the lighter side of life: Having MS.
Stumbled & Standing by River
Parenting with Multiple Sclerosis ~ A single mother's stories of juggling Multiple Sclerosis and Motherhood.
Pip's Blog by Pip
I manage the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre ( have an interest in any issues concerning MS and disability. My interests outside work include travel, sailing, film, theatre and music with a particular interest in guitar which I am attempting to learn!
Book On My MS Blog by Bill by Angela

MS Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms by Alex

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  1. Thank you for posting my blog Stumbled & Standing, :) Recently, my daughter started her own corner for kids to talk and know they are not alone. If you know any kids with a loved one that has MS Willows corner is there for questions and support.It's awesome you have this resourceful blog. Thank You! :)