Wednesday, May 26, 2010

National MS Society asks about Your Use of Social Media

Do you remember the Survey which the National MS Society asked that we bloggers answer back in March?

Well, since that time, I was interviewed for an article which will appear in the fall edition of Momentum magazine.  I am one of three bloggers (including Trevis Gleason and Marc Stecker aka. Wheelchair Kamikaze) who were asked about how they navigate MS information around the internet.  I got to read a copy of the piece a few weeks ago and it should be good.

Anyways, so the National MS Society is asking a few more questions which will be included in the survey results presented in the article this fall. 

Please go here to answer four simple questions regarding your use of social media.  I did.


  1. We wouldn't be using soocial networks like the "regular" people use them?

  2. LOL, Lorraine,
    It took a long time before NMSS comfortably moved into using social networking along side us. We may be "regular" but we're also very special people.

  3. Better late than never? I took that riduculous survey. Sounded like they were sizing up their competition. I see bloggers as people with MS. I see the NMSS as a corporation. They still haven't promoted Voices of MS have they? A book written by people with MS FOr people with MS...gee, I wonder why?

  4. Oh Diane,
    (slaps hand upside head, gently)

    I meant to point you to a mention of Voice of MS in the Summer 2010 edition of Momentum!!

    It's on page 65 with an excerpt from Joan's Short in the Cord.
    (pdf of that page here)

    The book was mentioned!!

  5. Lisa! Awesome. And that survey is not the long one I answered last week. (the strange one) (slaps upside head, misses, knocks over water glass...but, I digress.) Now I can curl up and purr. (after soaking up the water.)