Friday, May 28, 2010

Sharps Containers Repurposed.

Trying to organize things around here (just a tiny bit), I found some unused Sharps Containers.  When I was using Copaxone, I used a large laundry detergent container instead.  It would hold about 9 months worth of syringes.

Now I don't do shots anymore so what do I do about the red plastic tubs which are hard to miss?

I found a new use for the random Sharps Containers floating around the house.

Used Battery Container!!

Now how smart am I?


  1. Brillant are ye! I too used laundry detergent containers. First my local(in my bldg) pharmacy gave me FREE red sharp holders and took them back free! Then they started charging. BTW I used to work in recycling for city of Seattle (not sure why I feel need to preface great expertise?) Love "repurposed." I shall steal that for my upcoming recycling lecture at my retirement home.(oops, we, and by "we" I mean the owners, prefer "retirement community.")

  2. Fantastic idea, too bad I don't have any of the official "containers," I thought they might be an urban myth.