Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Sythe Through the Jungle

I meant to post this when it happened, but it's never too late to make fun of oneself.

Meet my backyard only 10 days ago.  Ignored, neglected, overgrown, turned to seed....

A Jungle!!  Or Little House on the Prairie or imitation Prairie.

See the path in the foreground?  It was forged with a mighty Sythe.

.....Or maybe it was the elbow and back grease of Rob, with the help of a lawnmower purchased years ago to suit the height of two less than 6 feet tall women.

Sorry Sweetie for the short lawnmower and low handle (at least for you, it is perfect for me but I don't really mow anymore now do I?)  Except I did do some mowing on the side of the house and in the front yard.  Rahrrrr!!!


  1. Looks like wheat crop...maybe some medicinal, oh, never mind.

  2. Looks gorgeous - love the way the light shines through the tall grass.