Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kiss Goodbye to MS on World MS Day

Today, Wednesday, May 26, 2010, is the 2nd annual World MS Day as designated by the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation.  It is being celebrated around the globe by MS organizations and patients worldwide to raise awareness of the disease and to support raising funds for research.  I saw the following promo coming out of Australia and just had to share it with you.


  1. I find that other countries get out the word better than USA. I find their web sites easier to use and much more informative. I don't think I would go lipstick lesbian for MS though. hahahahaha

  2. I do have to agree that I turn to MS Trust often for easy-to-read pages to link for other people.

    Personally, I've downloaded every available publication they have produced intended for "health professionals" to have to reference. Some thing with publications from MS Society in Australia.

    NMSS is getting better and even recently (over the last 6 months) uploaded about 300 videos on their YouTube Channel as part of the MS Learn series and such.

    They're making steps in the right direction. However, I did find this last supplemental survey to be weighted on the warning side. Questions regarding benefit of connecting online weren't as personal in nature I thought.

    In the last survey, I wrote in alot of responses in the 'other' box since my response wasn't close to their choices. Maybe this is why they've reworded a few things? Don't know.