Sunday, May 30, 2010


First it was the jungle that our grass was. Hip high. Now it is a rather large (and by large, I really mean HUMONGOUS!!) branch which come crashing down during a recent storm. This 'branch' is really the size of a tree itself.

Here's another view. In the background is our detached garage.  Guess we'll be calling a tree service out sometime soon.


  1. That is huge! Glad no structures were damaged.

  2. In Indiana, we had tornadoes EVERY Spring. After they passed, mother and I would roam around looking at downed trees and branches. I loved getting right in them, pretending I was in the tree itself, way up high. Since working for a city electric co. 18 years, dealing with hundreds of upset citizens after a storm---outages? Trees or crows 90% of the time. Can't Rob cut that limb? You guys can pretend you are in the Amazon jungle! Just a suggestion. My retirement community is all abuzz about your visit. I told them how famous you are. (still having a bit difficulting getting them to understand "blog" and "MS.")

  3. If I didn't need a chainsaw to cut this one up, it might be possible to DIY. And then there's the thing about lawn 'cuttings' needing to fit inside a lawn trash can. LOL.

    Really looking forward to the visit too!

  4. I'm with Diane....on my hikes I often come across downed trees and love getting right at the top of them looking for nests and other things we can't normally see from the ground.