Monday, March 23, 2009

Physical Therapy is Good for Overall Health

I am still enjoying physical therapy sessions. Today, I was road the bike for 13 minutes (5, rest, 5, rest, 3) surpassing 2.5 miles. Didn't even feel completely worn out by this and still had plenty of energy to do some strength training.

After finishing the weight machine circuit, we didn't work on any balance exercises, but Valerie (my PT) had a new challenge. She handed me a BMI meter and we determined my current status. Homework for the next three days is to make note of everything I eat (and when), as well as my physical activities. On Thursday, we will calculate the input/expenditure balance.

Valerie says that I've "turned a corner" and that I'm "not the same person who walked in here a few months ago." Our next step is to focus on overall health and wellness. Lowering that BMI, increasing cardio endurance, and protecting myself from developing other diseases.

Yikes, I think I've finally met my match and will be held accountable. I'm actually a bit nervous about it. Wish me luck.


  1. You'll do great. Keep up the good work!


  2. great job !
    Soon we can line up our exercise bikes and race !

  3. I'd probably kill myself on a bike like that! lol

  4. If I let Patti express HER feelings about physical therapy, the language would flag your page as "Adult Only." :)

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  5. Thats great! Keep up the good work and good luck!

  6. I agree with this post! It is so tough to exercise, I fight it every day. Hope it still works for you :)

  7. I love going to PT. And the BMI needs to be calibrated for today's average woman! I'm boycotting that one!