Friday, March 20, 2009

Helping to Make a Difference

My friend (who happens to have MS) is giving a leg-up to a future college student. You can help too!!!

My goal: to help a homeless young adult pay for the cost of an undergraduate education. from Chemo is Not a Pony by

ETA: - UPDATE #4 - As of 23:29 EST on 03/19, we are at $1,706.74 total. Go, speed racer, go!! We’re only around $275 short of the goal now. But stiLL NEEDS MOAR!1!!!!11!!!!!!!!

Her name is Raquel Harrison. She wants to study Psychology. She is 21 years old and has a 3.3 GPA.

I would like to help her pay for the cost of an undergraduate education, but I can’t do it alone:

The money will go into my Paypal account [go to original post for Paypal contribution], and I will gather it into one lump sum and send it as a check to this girl. She is at Covenant House in Newark, NJ. (I chose a young person from NJ because this is the state I was living in when my patron found me—the same patron without whom I would never have completed my undergraduate work, let alone gone on to complete a Master’s degree and now, very nearly, a Ph.D.).

If you don’t trust me with the money, you can also send it directly to the following address:

Raquel Harrison
C/O Covenant House
330 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102

(If you choose this option, please clearly indicate on your check or enclosed letter that the money is intended for “Raquel Harrison’s undergraduate education.”)

Contact at Covenant House: Francesca - Office: (973) 286 - 3408
Alternate Contact: Jeanette Scrozzo - Office: (973) 286 - 3544

You can also view the website for Covenant House here.

If you do donate, please indicate to me whether or not you would like the recipient of the money—Raquel Harrison—to know your name. If not, I will keep you anonymous. If 10 of you donate $100, that will make a total of $1,000.

If together you manage to total $1,000 for this girl, I will match it with a donation of $1,000 additional dollars from my own savings account. And even if you don’t manage to total $1,000 for this girl, I am giving her a grand of my own money anyway.

That’s 1-2 grand, maybe more…

It’s not even close to the cost of tuition, but it is a start. Covenant House will make sure the money goes directly to the educational institution of Raquel’s choice.

Thank you for your help.

Other Relevant Websites:
1. Do1Thing.Org.

Note: Xenu was one of the generous folks who contributed to the funds collected for
Herrad's cushion last fall. An uncommon graduate student indeed.

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