Sunday, March 1, 2009

The 'Amazing' Bike Ride Across America

I don't know about you, but I'm a fan of "The Amazing Race" on CBS. Well, at least the seasons where all of the bitter fighting wasn't featured. Phil Keoghan, the host of the show, will be cycling cross-country from Los Angeles on March 28 to May 9 landing in New York the day before the season finale of "The Amazing Race."

A forty-day journey on the road, 3500 miles, with pit stops in over 30 cities. Keoghan plans to average 100 miles a day, and said he hopes people will join in as he passes through their area.

"I fly over 400,000 miles a year and I figured it was time to stretch my legs. I love to ride so I thought I'd see what this great country looks like up close instead of taking a bird's eye view at 30,000 feet," said Keoghan. "In this economic climate, bike riding makes a lot of sense — it's good for your waistline and easy on your wallet."

Keoghan said he's cycling cross-country to encourage people to pursue a healthy life and intends to spotlight the battle against multiple sclerosis, a cause he's supported for several years. A member of his family, a cousin, has the disease, a CBS spokesman said. Keoghan will be participating in rallies hosted by the National MS Society to build awareness for Bike MS and the MS Movement.

Along the way, he will attend meet and greets with supporters at local GNC stores, visit CBS affiliates, attend open-casting calls for the next installment of "The Amazing Race," sign copies of his best-selling book No Opportunity Wasted, and ride alongside ex-Racers and fans of "The Amazing Race."

Phil Keoghan's "Ride Across America" is sponsored by GNC Live Well and includes visits to such cities as: Las Vegas; Denver; Lincoln, Neb.; Des Moines, Iowa; Chicago; Fort Wayne, Ind.; Columbus, Ohio; Pittsburgh; Washington D.C.; Baltimore; Philadelphia and New York. Phil's exact route will be released soon.

THE AMAZING RACE 14 airs Sundays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

About Bike MS:
100 rides. One destination. A world free of MS. Bike MS is the premier fundraising cycling series in the nation. To date, Bike MS has raised nearly $700 million to help people with MS. With over 100 unique bike rides across the country, there is one right ride for everyone. For those who accept the challenge, it will be the most rewarding journey they ever make. Visit


  1. I've always liked Phil (and Browsie), but now I like him even more.

  2. Welcome Lene, good to see you here. I think it's nice that Phil is able to combine so many interests in one event, especially promoting the Bike MS events and exercising in general. Very cool.

  3. Fort Wayne, well, I'll say. I applaud all the people who do anything to help MS, but I've yet to hear someone say, "I became aware of MS after bike/swim/bowling/hotdog eating/ that I was in/saw pass by/heard about on TV"; I've always wondered---where is the awareness effect? I'd like to see a 24hr TV marathon. Just thinking aloud.

  4. There's awareness, and then there's understanding. As in...

    "Darn. I gave Mary a donation for Bike MS at work today, and I forgot to get my receipt."

    ... versus ...

    "Mary had to quit today because her MS has gotten so bad. I think I'll start a company Bike MS team in her honor."

    Fundraisers rarely bring understanding to donors. But there is value in the awareness that a others care enough to organize the event. When BR was diagnosed, the first place I turned for information was the National MS Society, mainly because I was aware of the Bike MS events.

  5. Steve, thx, I need to hear that. I need to believe it is more than just money.