Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Amy of Multiple Sclerosis: A Life of Learning is involved in this collaboration. Before I take the time to check out the new offerings and report back to you, just thought that I'd let readers know about their main website. This is an email I received this morning:

Hello Lisa,

My name is Ellen Kampel – I work for Microsoft and am a person living with multiple sclerosis (MS). I am reaching out to you on behalf of a great program in which I’m involved: The MS Technology Collaborative. The Collaborative is a partnership between the National MS Society, Microsoft and Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, dedicated to connecting people living with MS to technologies that can help them overcome MS-related challenges and live better.

The goal of the Collaborative is to provide technology solutions for people living with MS, many of which are affordable or even free. Our Web site, www.MyMSMyWay.com, offers an online interactive tool called “Snapshot” that prompts users to answer a series of questions, after which they receive a customized report with technology solutions specific to each person and his or her particular challenges. We also offer technology tips submitted by members of the MS community, a monthly column that I write with a leading accessible technology expert, and information on the types of technology available.

Because Brass and Ivory and Multiple Sclerosis Central engage such a large audience of individuals living with MS, I thought that your readers could find value in knowing about this program. I know so many people that rely on your blog and I hope that both you and your readers will find this information as helpful as I do.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you a bit of a preview about our newest and most exciting initiative – we’re in the process of building a free online game that addresses the cognitive challenges of people living with MS. The game will provide cognitive exercises that target some of the main cognitive challenges faced by the MS community. It’s being developed in consultation with individuals living with MS as well as medical experts who specialize in researching and treating this condition.

I’d love to have you be involved in our efforts. Would you be interested in seeing a preview of our game and providing the initial round of input from the MS community? It would be great to have you on board and get your feedback on our work.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this effort or are interested in becoming more involved. I look forward to hearing from you!

Ellen Kampel

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  1. Thanks for the link Lisa
    I downloaded the magnifying glass for my computer. Now I can take a close look at those stamps on Ebay before I bid.