Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Featuring New MS Bloggers, please say "hi"

1. Please welcome Amelia, an MS Blogger with lots of Questions & ideas! Perhaps you also have excruciating pain in your feet or experience with crutches and scooters. Or perhaps you wish to follow the musical adventures of a vocalist in the UK.

2. Please welcome "Alone Time Pleasures" who was diagnosed with MS in January. Upon looking at her profile, I see that she lives just an hour down the road from me. (waving hi!!) I recommend that you start with this post: It's March!!

3. Please welcome Marc, the "Wheelchair Kamakaze," who was diagnosed with Primary Progressive in 2003. I've read the offerings Marc has provided on an MS forum and he's one smart, educated cookie. Here is a thought he shared in a recent post which I related to, not the limited mobility, but the information and community.
In a way, being afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis has forced me into the technological embrace, as the Internet is a vital link to the outside world when you're dealing with limited mobility. Without the online MS community, dealing with this illness would be infinitely harder, both in terms of getting information on the disease, and getting to know others who are going through similar experiences. Some of my best friends are now people I've never actually met, many of whom I know only by their screennames. Remarkable, really.

Here's The Wheelchair Kamakaze's 2nd video. Enjoy!!

Community - that is the primary reason I am here and I believe that's true for many of you also. So cool that our community continues to grow.


  1. Lisa--

    I might swap out this profile pic because a leg is looking a lot like a GIANT, HAPPY appendage on it...


  2. hehe Jen, that's quite an Irish dancer there.

  3. Lisa, a great and generous thing you have added to introduce new MS blogs--clap clap hats off, Jen's pic says it all!!

  4. Welcome to the MS blog world

    and kudos for Lisa for always introducing us to each other

  5. Hello newbies. Srry about the MS but glad to find new awesome bloggers :)

  6. A warm WELCOME to the blogosphere :)


    What you are doing for the MS blogosphere community who choose not to go to support groups is greatly appreciated. When I start blogging about living with MS, I had no idea I would meet others living with MS who share their thoughts.

    Thanks for all you do.