Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More MS Bloggers Have Joined the Neighborhood, Please Welcome Them

MS and Thriving - Joy - "I want Multiple Sclerosis to be afraid every morning when I get up. I want it to worry about what I will find to fight it off with today!"

My Life with Multiple Sclerosis - Dave - "The trials, hardships, successes and the need to persevere on with MS. On August 30th 2008 my life was permanently changed. To my wife Anne, thank you for being who you are!"

If I Can, You Can - Richard - "This is going to be a journey through time with me setting out to change a few things about myself and to help others along the way. I shall use this forum to document my objectives and to show my progress along this great journey of life."

Baby, MS and Me - Helena - Hellie is blogging her pregnancy with MS. If my math is correct, she's got 37 days until the baby is due to arrive. Hellie blogs at MS Trust (UK) and ironically her baby is due during their MS Awareness Week. How convenient is that?

Dave's Magical Brain or "Me and My Myelin" - Dave - "This blog was created so that I can share my MS experiences with the rest of the web wide world, get things off my chest, vent spleen, say how crap/good things are and generally update friends with my "situation" just in case they feel uncomfortable asking me directly."

Travelogue for the Universe - Mary - "A rambling train of thoughts about the universe and our micro solar system consisting of our dear Sun and other planets in a magnetic dance while we hurtle through space on the face of a rock and stare at flat screens where we attempt to connect while we detach."

12December 2008 - Lori - "I have had the symptoms of my newly diagnosed disease since May of 2008. I used to care about a lot of things, but now I'm not so sure if any of those things matter. This blog came as an idea I had in the shower the night before last. Maybe living out loud will help me find what matters to me and I'll find my reason for getting well. "


  1. Thanks for the links/introductions! Also, your last several blogs were awesome, scary, touching, and inspiring. Not necessarily in that order. You kick ass.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to the community. I'll be following you and the others now.

  3. Cool links! I'll be sure to pay them a visit.