Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm loosin' it!!

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  1. Looks a little like my own cat's behind. He likes to squeeze in the cubby in the desk that's over the built-in file cabinet. Sometimes he gets stuck--- girth--- and I hafta drag him out.

  2. Where did you hide the spy camera??? I am doing my taxes today...finally, ugh; looks JUST like me. I have "lost" so mant things during my recent FAST move.

  3. JEN! (Sorry to steal your space, Lisa) WHY can't I ever leave a comment on your blog??? What am I doing wrong? You go girl with your own thing. (Read her blog if you are dying to know what I'm talking about.) Now, look, you have me whoring over here ar Lisa's house! Geez

  4. Jen, this little kitty looks like my Musette also. Only thing is, she has a great desire to find whatever toy she was dropped between the sofa cushions. She'll dig and dig and dig, then wait for you to reach further and pull up whatever is there.

    Lanette, I thought so too!!!

    Diane, that reminds me. I need to get those taxes out. It is almost April and Happy Birthday!

    Now onto the Jen blog issue. Strictly read-only, no comments, is my understanding. Well, anyways, I can't leaving any comments either.

    P.S. Jen, it would be REALLY nice of you to enable the feed for the blog. Then I can be lazy and read from the trusty GoogleReader. Just sayin'