Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome to the MS Blogging Community

Diva on a Detour by Linda
I have finally started blogging! An opportunity to share my thoughts and dreams and experiences in a fashion that is much more organized (and hopefully interesting!) than I have been doing. I’m Linda and I have been described as a diva for most of my 50+ years (a title I gladly accept!). This diva’s journey has included meeting and marrying an amazing man (after a disastrous first marriage), earning a MBA while working full-time, and having two children. Life has thrown our family several curves/detours, including losing my father from Alzheimer’s in 2005, losing contact with my only sister in 2006, and my MS becoming seriously disabling in 2007.

by "Sarah Bellum" - Becoming a New Me
A journal about adjusting to a diagnosis of Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. As hard as it is to adjust to this rollating “Me,” I am also very glad that I have more energy these days. That’s because I am doing things like conserving energy by using the rollator, sitting at the kitchen sink and at the bathroom vanity, and basically sitting, sitting, sitting when I need to. I also have more energy for other reasons. I have lost 12 pounds (!) in the past 6 weeks and that for the first time in years, I am sleeping through the night and getting restorative REM sleep and am dreaming. That’s due to a muscle relaxant I’ve been taking for my annoying spasms in my right leg.

Shine the Divine by Laura
My life is filled with many joys, including: creating my own art, coaching others as they unlock their own soul's creative expression, sharing the practice of SoulCollage, teaching teens and adults yoga, art and Jewish spirituality, living and loving my husband, daughters and our menagerie of animal companions.

Our Life with MS by Jack
How would I describe unseen symptoms to the neurologist…and in a foreign language? Suddenly I felt almost foolish and wondered if I was taking this too far. I wanted to leave all of these troubles behind me and accept the fact I had been overcome with anxiety and suffered from a simple ear infection. I wanted to feel better, but deep inside of me I knew…I knew something was terribly wrong.

Multiple Sclerosis has a Daughter
My journey with my Dad and his life with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.... and the kids and the job and Husband!
Allow me to update quickly. I mean no disrespect to my father. Sometimes it can be a little difficult. So talking about it helps. For example, tonight... when I put him to bed. What do you mean your legs are not in the right spot. Now that I have moved them where you told me to they appear to be in the exact same position. I do not understand and if we are not careful I am going to dump you onto the floor... is that better? OK. Good. Sweet dreams and I will see you in the morning.

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