Sunday, December 6, 2009

Spin!! - Art Auction to Benefit Myelin Repair Foundation

We've talked about The Ride Project and Courtney's commitment to donate $1,000,000 to the Myelin Repair Foundation through sales of limited edition photography prints focusing on things which move.

We've talked about the Myelin Repair Foundation.

This Tuesday through Friday, December 8-11, 2009, the Myelin Repair Foundation is holding an online auction featuring the cycling photograph which started it all!!


Courtney says...

I launched “The Ride Project” to support the Myelin Repair Foundation because I believe in the MRF’s research model that is solely focused on finding and rapidly delivering treatments for MS patients. The Ride Project ( is my commitment to donate $1,000,000 to the Myelin Repair Foundation through the sales of limited edition fine art photography focused on things that move.

On top of this commitment ,I am donating this print: ( for the online auction starting next Tuesday. The photograph that I’ve chosen to donate is titled “Spin.” This image is all about motion, energy and passion. “Spin” inspired The Ride Project, which combines my passion for cycling and photography and continues to motivate me to move forward with my fight for a cure for multiple sclerosis.

More Details from the MRF:

The winner of the auction will receive this limited edition 12 X 18 photograph matted, signed, numbered and framed to 18 X 24 (white mat, black frame). This is the perfect present for a loved one that is passionate about cycling or loves photography.

The Auction begins Tuesday, December 8 at 8AM Pacific Time. It will end Friday, December 11 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

This will allow enough time for the framed and signed print to be delivered for a Christmas or holiday gift.

The starting bid is $250 and each bid needs to be higher by minimum increments of $10. So if someone bids $276, the next bid needs to be $286, $296, or $306 and so on.

The estimated retail value of the framed print is $500. For the winning bidder, the amount paid in excess of fair market value may be deductible as a donation in support of the Myelin Repair Foundation. There will be no additional shipping costs (courtesy of Courtney Carver.)

To bid, comment on this blog post ( with your bid amount and enter in your full name and email address where we can contact you, otherwise your bid will be void. We will periodically update the blog, our Twitter account, and Facebook Fan Page with the top bid amount.

Reminder: Bidding does not start until Tuesday morning, December 8th. There will be a special text field where you can enter your bid.

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