Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mnozil Brass

Hungarian Schnapsodie:

The Alphorn:

Bohemian Rhapsody:

Mnozil Brass is a group from Austria.


  1. I haven't held my laughter to avoid missing a sound in a long time, Fabulous! Those horns!! What a treat to find a small gem. Danke

  2. When I watched the video on top here for the first time, I completely lost it at about 5 minutes in!! I was laughing so very hard that I couldn't breathe and was scaring my cats. Tears going down the cheeks kind of laughing.

    There was just something about the blessed anointment of "condensation" which touched something deep inside. Too many trombone players doing this for fun during high school, I suppose. It made Rob groan, but I lost it. :)

    And the shear talent necessary for these guys to do what they do so well - kickass brass players, great singing talents, actors, and dancers. Gotta love it.

    They're coming through my area in March and I've GOT to go see them in person. Sie sind nicht so schlecht, wahr?