Monday, December 21, 2009

Welcome MS Bloggers to the Community

Multiple Sclerosis & Me by S.S-O
A Trini living in Atlanta who thinks the cold weather is for the dogs!
True story: I was in Form 3 (13/14 years old) and my mother FINALLY said "ok, u can take maxi - (public transport; there are no school buses in Trinidad; we either took public transportation OR ur parents took u back and forth - so she finally let me take public transport) home after school." I was so excited; i get to walk down Frederick St, lime in Colsort Mall etc (close ur eyes Mummy) and take taxi! WOOHOO!! lime now start!! Well halfway down the street, i fell!!! Yup - my bookbag went 1 way, my binder a next, I was MORTIFIED!!!! how? How d hell did that happen??? To this day,OB(my father) gives me a hard time about it - in fact the other day he told me that he was somewhere and somebody fell up ahead. He said he looked to see if it was me!

♪ Oh Have You Seen the Light? ♪ by LinnĂ©a
So I can't stop listening to "Sam's Town (Abbey Road Version)" by The Killers. I love it. It makes me smile and cry all at once. That's my predicament at the moment and the reason for my blog. Please enjoy reading my heart ♥

So as for my diagnosis... It sucks.
It hasn't been my foremost thought though. Honestly. If I get something that could possibly be a symptom my mind doesn't go "AH! MS IS ATTACKING ME!!! :O death." I just make myself think, "hey, I'm not dead. I've felt this before... no big."

His Eye is On the Sparrow by Robinlynn
I am love with the greatest man I have ever known who also happens to be my husband. Mother of 3 grown children. Grandmother of 2 little boys with another one on the way. I feed the hungry kitties. I love animals of any kind. I strive to be more Christ like. I count myself super blessed. I am a 3 years breast cancer survior and live daily with Multiple Sclerosis. Some days are better than others but all in all I am okay.

Thoughts on the MS Cognitive Meltdown by Tim and Janet
Our thoughts on living with the cognitive issues of multiple sclerosis and how these issues affect our relationships with each other, our family and our friends. We will also include interesting and relavant links to articles, video, and other information.
Tim Meydam was diagnosed with MS in 2000. He and his wife Janet deal with the cognitive meltdown every day.


  1. Thank you for your continued support of fellow bloggers! You are a treasure. Pick up an award tomorrow from lil ol moi. And Happy Holidays! (I LOVE snow pictures, miss Indiana snow.)