Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Just a quick-ish note. Things have gotten turned upside-down in the past 36 hours. Actually, let me back up.

Sunday I got to meet up with one of our very own MS bloggers while she was in the DC area for a short business trip. It was really neat meeting with Ivy because we have something very much in common. We both experienced optic neuritis and ended up seeing the same neuro-opthalmologist in Rockville, MD. We were each given a diagnosis of only optic neuritis and nothing more. Now we both have MS which has tended to leave more lesions in our spines. Neither of us had MRIs done of our spines at the time of the optic neuritis. Interesting to think what they might have shown then. Anyways, Ivy and I had a yummy dinner at Cafe Asia. Thanks Ivy and it was great to meet you in person.

Before that, I was feeling a bit like a blue, teary, wet, soppy noodle and was having trouble sleeping. BTW, Jen, yes I found my neglected prescription. :)

Staying up WAY too late Sunday night, I was shocked awake too early on Monday by a phone call. Turns out that my grandfather didn't wake up Monday and passed away. Then everything went topsy-turvy. Things needed to be learned, folks needed to be contacted, and plans had to be made. Students needed to be taught, clothes needed to be washed, posts needed to be written, producers needed to be contacted, even a video needed to be made and uploaded.

This morning I hopped on a plane in DC to come to Dallas. The day has been non-stop until about an hour ago when my body finally said - ENOUGH ALREADY!!

Having just recently completed one complete round of Rituxan (two infusions, read Rituximab Infusions: My First Experience), I am conscious of the need to take care of myself and avoid sickness. I've been feeling pretty good, especially my hands and right knee have been happy. But this evening after taking a very bumpy flight, a quick bite to eat at my grandparents' house, a trip to the funeral home to check on my grandfather's appearance (complete with tears and heart-felt words being said by my (step)grandmother, my mother and myself), a return to the house to complete the obituary which needed to be sent back up to the funeral home before the public viewing began at 5PM, my body decided that it was time to STOP!!

I was obviously running a fever, had become flushed with a headache, and started walking really funny. So I decided to stay at the house and rest. Thankfully a neighbor has an unsecured wifi and I'm online to catch up with 2 days of posts, comments, and emails. I still have more posts to write, but you might not see many comments from me during the next week as I don't know how much connectivity I will have available at the various places I might be.

The funeral is tomorrow in Wewoka, Oklahoma, which is at least a 4 hour drive from here. We've got to get up there for the private family viewing where I will see many aunts and uncles, and perhaps cousins, whom I haven't seen in at least three years. After that I get to stay with my brother and his family.

Yippee!! Time with the nephews. Sadly, I realize that I've not been to visit them in 2 years. (bad aunt!!) And so far everybody's healthy, except the baby has a cold. Must try to avoid getting sick as there are things to do and a body's immune system which has taken a serious hit recently.

So, right now, I think that I will actually take a nap while the house is quiet and before some of the relatives return from the viewing. My grandfather was a Navy pilot in WWII, residential dairy sales and deliveryman, avid waterskier, and poet and musician. He had five children and two stepsons, eleven grandchildren, and seventeen great-grandchildren. And he was a really good man. Love you Granddad.


  1. Wow! I am so sorry for your loss. Take care and don't hesitate to call the doctor if you feel sick.
    Your grandfather sounded like a wonderful man. Mary

  2. Sounds like when you get back home you're going to need some good old-fashioned rest -- hope you manage to work that in.

    Again, sorry for your loss.

  3. Lisa, it's a very full plate. In fact, it sounds like two full plates. I am glad to hear that you still have that inner guide to tell you when to stop and rest. This experience would be very hard on an able-bodied person so you're not being unreasonable in asking for a break. So sorry for your loss.

  4. Sorry to hear about your grandpa. Take care of yourself.

  5. Lisa - sorry for your troubles. Please do take care of yourself.

  6. Lisa,
    So sorry for the loss of your beloved grandfather. Keep listening to your body and take care of yourself. Let those around you take care of you, too.


  7. Again, my condolences, rest, can't take care of other stuff until you take care of yourself. Watch our for that sick kid--LOL---the can do a number on MS. I can't BELIEVE a Dr DX ON and never thought, "Hmmm, could be MS related." GEEZZZ

  8. Ditto everything above. Glad you have your trusty Wellbutrin back, Lisa (otherwise I was gonna suggest a bottle of Jameson :)


  9. It was so great to meet you in person! It really is a small world. I'm sorry to hear that a really rough week followed. My thoughts are with you!