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MS Research and Funding in the US

In the United States, we have several non-profit MS-related organizations involved with conducting research, supporting research, or raising funds for research. Of course, we are not the only ones worldwide conducting research into the treatment and possible cure of MS, but since HealthCentral is based in the U.S., I thought we’d start here at home.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Without a doubt, the National MS Society (NMSS) has the largest budget when it comes to funding MS research among non-government not-for-profit organizations, devoting nearly $50 million each year to a spectrum of key initiatives and projects. In 2007, the National MS Society established Fast Forward, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Society with an innovative business approach, to speed the development of treatments and seek a cure for people living with MS by:

* Accelerating commercial development of innovative MS research
* Funding MS drug discovery in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies
* Ensuring a global perspective in identifying funding opportunities

Myelin Repair Foundation

The Myelin Repair Foundation (MRF) was created in 2004 to address the systemic problems in medical research and commercial drug development that work against the rapid delivery of patient treatments. The MRF’s Accelerated Research Collaboration™ (ARC™) model is a radical new process that recognizes the incentives and limitations of academic scientists, commercial biopharma, government regulators, and patients and their families, and fosters behavioral changes by adding tangible value to everyone.

Today, the MRF is the world’s largest research organization with a singular focus on understanding how myelin is formed, damaged in MS, and repaired. MRF supports a collaboration of pre-selected scientists who have agreed to jointly develop and conduct experiments that will lead to targeted myelin repair discoveries. MRF shares its revolutionary research model with other disease research organizations, enabling rapid discovery of treatments and cures for other diseases.

Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis

Founded in 1993, the Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis (NDFMS) is dedicated to the treatment and ultimate cure of MS. Funding research is the core focus of the Foundation and all funds raised support the Center Without Walls program, a selected network of the nation’s top seven MS research centers. This nationwide collaboration of physicians, scientists and clinicians are on the cutting-edge of innovative research programs and therapeutic approaches to eradicate MS.

The Centers work as a team constantly communicating, never duplicating. It was the goal of Nancy Davis to build a winning team and the Foundation sought out the best and the brightest MS research facilities throughout the world. It is the hope of her Foundation that in addition to combating MS through research in a clinical environment, that an increased awareness will be created by educating the public about this devastating disease.

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P.S. Yes, Justine, I think that another post on organizational spending would be appropriate after each group has completed their 2008 990 tax forms.

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