Friday, August 22, 2008

Why do I talk about MS?

The internet is a powerful tool. As we each sit at a keyboard and screen, in our separate rooms and scattered locations, we touch each other in ways we may never fully know.

For instance, I am so very proud and thankful for my MS Blogger buddies who reached out to Brianna, a newbie "probable" MSer, in a time of frustration and doubt.

My friends, you also touched me in all of your warm well-wishes regarding this recent "little speed bump" in my MS journey. BTW, I'm feeling much better and walked down the stairs this morning without leaning against the wall.

(note to self: Prednisone by itself, not after IVSM, is still no good for you. Stick to the Decadron next time.)

These are two examples why I tell people "I Have MS." It is a way to put a face on an invisible illness and to let others know that we certainly are not alone in this.

Today I also posted at Health Central about the need for a secret handshake or favorite hairstyle.

What might be your suggestions for a way to identify each other? I'd like to hear what you can come up with.


  1. yep...a secret handshake or a secret leg spasm or a secret foot drop. okay so those are not so secret. lol are you able to spot folk who have MS in public? sometimes i think i can by their gait.

  2. I think the MS society had a joke on one of their fliers that said something like, "Here's my husband, here's my dog and here's my MRI." We could start to carry wallet size MRI photos to whip out when we need them.

  3. My blog still, sadly, gets hits on the red bracelet. That lost, I suggest a beehive hairstyle (a wig may be required) or red leather jackets. Get on that, Denver. I have some old MS Walk tees that usually (along with the power chair I'm in) let people know. I also just ask, but hidden...yes, red leather jackets. NO WAIT!!! A tatoo!

  4. At the few educational MS meetings I've been to, it was interesting to see how much the folks had in common with their walking and means of moving around.

    Perhaps a tattoo of a red lightening bolt right on the back of the neck. Then we could use up-do's to show our secret symbol whenever we needed to.

    But the wallet card is a great idea!!