Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Friend and MS Blogger in Need

Hello All,

You may know that Herrad of Access Denied: Living with MS is in desperate need of a special type of air pressure cushion. What she needs is an air cushion which changes pressure as you sit on it to prevent the development of pressure sores.

Unfortunately, in the Netherlands access to such expensive and specialized equipment is severely limited and Herrad has not been provided with this important tool. In fact, she is now in such a state to require 3-weeks of bed rest in an attempt to heal wounds.

This is a struggle she has dealt with for awhile, often asking questions regarding treatments we might use in the US to help heal/prevent open sores from developing.

Anne of Disabled Not Dead has started a campaign to collect funds to provide Herrad with the equipment she so desperately needs.

I have decided to contributing all of the existing funds in my PayPal account and have set it up to accept donations specifically for the purchase of Herrad's special cushion. The cost for one to be custom-made for her wheelchair is approximately $600.

I am leaving it up to Anne to make the actual purchase arrangements as she knows exactly what it is that Herrad needs. If you don't already know, Anne's career was in medicine and this is her expertise.

So please, to donate to Herrad's Cushion click on the PayPal Button below. Together we can make this happen for a fellow MS Blogger in need.


This is the cushion which Herrad's nurse and ergonomist recommend.



  1. Hi Lisa:

    This is terrific. With your $50 and my $100, hopefully we are well on the road to helping our fellow blogger.

    Thanks so much!


  2. How great that you could set this up. It nade it SOOOO Very easy to donate. This is a terrible situation for this dear woman, isn't it?
    I tell you, Bloggers are really such generous wonderful people...!
    I hope you get lots of good resposes to this plea. And Bless you and Anne for doing tgis.

  3. Unfortunately I can only offer advise as to where to go for this special adjustment.

    First, for special adjustments concerning wheelchairs she has to go to her local government, the WMO.

    If she can't get it there, her health care organisation might be able to help her. In that case a referral from her family doctor, but preferably from a neurologist and a ergonomist might help.

    If that has no effect, she might try the Princes Beatrix foundation. They sometimes give special grands, but there are some rules.

    She might find more (non-financial) help at http://msweb.nl/forum . There are several people there that have special adjustments for these kinds of things.

    When it comes to bed sores, I'm really a novice.

    All my best to her.


    PS. So nice of you to help her.

  4. My thanks to my special friend oldoldlady of the hills for her donation to our cause.

    To Nien: thank you for your advice and links to more info. Although Herrad lives in the Netherlands, and there are caps on income etc., it certainly can't hurt to check them out. Thanks again

  5. Anne and Lisa you rock. I hope that Herrad gets what she needs soon through the generosity of this blog community.