Monday, August 25, 2008

A Favorite Blogger Moves On To Other Endeavors

Today, Diane of A Stellarlife announces that she has completed one year of posting on her blog every single day.

Personally, I will miss getting my daily 'fix' of humor, rants, and inspiration. Diane has shown me through her words that we truly are not our disease, but so much more.

She has come to my defense when I felt attacked in a string of comments. She has emailed words of encouragement to me when I shared with her potential opportunities coming my way.

I have a fondness and admiration for Diane and all that she does to empower those living with MS and those living with disabilities and chronic illness at large.

Diane, I wish you only the very best.

Thank you.


  1. sniff, sniff, sob... I am sad to see Diane go although I wish her well.

  2. After a short break from blogging and I saw that. This is what I get from being away.

    I will miss her.