Saturday, August 23, 2008

Navigating the Wonderland - New MS Blogger Alert

Kelly says, "I'm a student, artist, dancer and musician. When I am not painting, sewing or running around, I like to write!"

And apparently Kelly really likes to run, as she ran in the San Francisco Marathon just weeks after being in the hospital for MRIs, Lumbar Puncture, etc.  You know the MS routine. 

Welcome Kelly to "the club" as she chronicles her MS journey at:

Navigating the Wonderland of Life with Multiple Sclerosis

On her poetry blog, Kelly shares a recent piece inspired by the all illusive Optic Neuritis:
I found God in the trenches
when blinded by some crime
I know not what I committed
for I sin all the time
The fear of losing vision
has brought me to my knees
with hands clasp, head low
bowing, singing to the breeze:
If I could find redemption
If I could live to See
My prayers and my salvation
Would bring God back to me
So I'm a gypsy trader
Bargaining with fate
singing in morning
till the day grows late
Casting stones into the river
Casting nets into the air
Begging god to bring me vision
lest I parish with despair
And my traps, they bring me courage
I catch stars within their nets
and place them where I see them
and reflect upon regrets
I've found God in the trenches
when blinded by some crime
I know not what I committed
for I sin all the time.

Welcome Kelly to Wonderland.


  1. I love MS poetry. Welcome to the club. May your stay be happy or short. :-)

  2. Thanks Lisa. I found Kelly the other day. I added her to my page because she is an artist, writer and very gentle on the eyes. I dig that girl!

  3. i just paid her a visit too. always nice to meet new people but...i wish they didn't have to have MS.

  4. Wow, thanks so much for the welcome and the support! It truly feels amazing finding other people who can relate to what I have been going through. I felt very alone for a long time. The advice and support has been amazing. Thanks so much. :)