Monday, August 18, 2008

A Little Self-Promotion Never Really Hurt Anyone

Hello All,

I have had a nice first week over at Multiple Sclerosis Central and am still kinda learning the ropes. Previously, I was unaware of the Question/Answer section of the website but am now intrigued with the mini-forum.

Some questions are easy to answer like this one regarding EMG: What is this and how do they do it?

But some are harder to answer if you simply don't know the answer like this one: How many spinal taps can you get before it causes bodily injury?

I don't know. Do any of you know a good answer for that one?

A cool thing which the folks over there made for me was a widget of my very own. You may notice that I've placed one on the sidebar.

(over there --------->>> and maybe down a little)

You are welcome to grab it to place on your own blog or facebook page, or whatnot. Just follow this link to grab the code:

Then I experimented and made widgets for Brass and Ivory and the Carnival of MS Bloggers. Feel free to grab them too, if you wish.

So basically, I'm attempting to practice some self-promotion here and would love it if you'd visit me there on occasion to read my SharePosts and those of others touched by MS, personally or professionally.

You might recognize a few topics which seem vaguely familiar to ones previously discussed here. But the important topics always deserve to be revisited, such as these:

Thank you, my friends, for continuing to read. Here, There, and Over Yonder.


  1. I got it and I will link it on my blog. Thanks!

  2. Hi Lisa---

    Just posted over at Multiple Sclerosis Central. See ya there!


  3. Nadja and Jen,

    Thank you both for helping me to promote my adventures here in blogland and the intertubes. It's the interconnectedness which makes each of our adventures stronger. :-)

  4. always looking for new places to hang out with my MS buddies. see you there soon. :>)