Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'z Sleepy

I'm sitting here with my new laptop (yes, everybody should clap and applaud - it only took forever to curse the other one enough times to go shopping).

So I'm sitting here trying to catch up on all my favorite blogs. And I can't keep my eyes open.

I make it about one sentence, then I think I'm reading but that's just the sound of my voice in my head talking. What it's talking about, I don't really know. But it thinks it's still reading, yet my eyes are closed.

I had plans for real blog material today. But I'm going to have to put it off.

Going to give in to the nap spirits. I'll come back later.



  1. Ummm... a nap. I think I might need one soon too.

  2. Most nights I read before sleep...and lately I've been closing my eyes while reading but they keep moving, as if they're looking at words on a page. Bizarre.....and occasionally I think that if I concentrate hard enough I'll be able to see the words through my eyelids.


  3. Lisa,

    It is okay when I have insomnia, but I blame you when I do not have insomnia and stay up all night reading blogs :)

    Seriously, I am happy you have connected MS'ers who blog it is a wonderful accepting community of people and I am happy to be part of stop playing on that new computer and get your rest.

  4. Ditto to Shauna and Blinders Off...I mean, "yeah, what THEY said!" (because I'm not witty enough to think up my own comment..sigh)

    Linda D. in Seattle