Monday, February 25, 2008

Stuff that makes life easier....or not.

Here's a new random feature at Brass and Ivory

Stuff that makes life easier....or not.

Yesterday as I was conducting the (not so completed on a regular basis) girlie task of shaving the hair, and some winter-dry skin, from my legs, I had a thought.

Yes, I think to myself while in the shower.

I am thankful for the brilliant people at Schick (I had to look that up later) for designing the Intuition Plus® Razor.

If you don't know what this is (and probably most girls already do), the Intuition Plus® Razor has a wide, curved, slip-resistant handle...three blades on a pivoting head...and a skin-conditioning, lather-creating, shaving solid which surrounds the pivoting razor head for a no-shaving-gel-required smooth shaving experience.

Ok - before you start thinking this is some type of paid advertising. It is not!

I was thinking of those persons with MS who may have dexterity issues with difficulty keeping hold of a razor, or who seek simplicity in the shower and fewer lotions and potions on the shelves, or who like to find ways to combat winter-dry skin with the best exfoliator out there, being the razor.

Some years ago (honestly I don't know when), I received a sample razor in the mail from Schick. I thought it looked a little odd, but tried it and liked it...still do.

Replacement blades are sold separately from the uniquely-shaped handle, which is a smart idea. However, don't tell Schick - but I still use the sample handle I received in the mail such a long time ago and haven't purchased a new one. So mum's the word - okay?


  • I haven't nicked myself with this razor, even around the ankles.

  • It is ready to go. All you need is wet skin, seriously.

  • It is easy to hold and the pivoting head makes going over curves a snap.

  • When rinsing the shaved hair from the razor blades, and yes sometimes my leg hair has become longish between shaves, I worry that I'm rinsing away the valuable moisturizing/shaving cream solid.

  • The solid often wears away unevenly, but this can be worked around if you are clever enough to glide the solid over the skin in one pass, then glide the razor over the lathered skin in the next. Yes, this does require more thought.

  • The resulting shave may not be the closest, maybe I'm not pressing hard enough or making enough passes at one spot, but it is definitely the easiest I've experienced.
So - that's my tip for the MS ladies out there - and MS men if you so desire a razor designed to smoothly shave those muscular legs of yours - for clumsy fingers and awkward grips, I recommend trying the Intuition Plus® Razor.

Again, this is not a paid endorsement, merely my personal opinion derived from my personal experience.

If you have any tips on helpful, or not so helpful, items out there, please send me your recommendations via email.


  1. I can't feel my legs or underarms and can barely lift the one arm, so for years I kepy wondering where all the cuts on my legs were coming from---DUH. (I would lose control of the razor and it would move sideways, cutting my skin.) This new pre-foam (I also could not open, or push down the nozzle to use creams) razor is a Godsend! I can shave easier and no more cuts. I get sooo many ideas for product improvements, but the process would exhaust me--yes, I've watched Donny Deutsch(or whatever)--not in me. Babyboomers will make it happen. This razor though is great.

  2. Not helpful: Suction cup finger nail clipper. Suction cup it WHERE? Suction doesn't stay anyway. Blades are dull. You still need strength in one hand. Ordered from an OT's "private catlog," but they all look the same to me. I'd love to hear if anybody knows a way for me to keep my fast growing, hard nails (yeah-yeah, lucky me) trimmed, neither of my hands are strong and no fingers are 100%, can't control scissors etc.

  3. i am in need of a new razor...i will have to check it out. this is a great idea you have here for a topic on information folks can readily use.

  4. my hands shake at times so sometime I do avoid shaving when needed to.

  5. Do we have these in the UK I wonder - will look and see!

    Thanks for the visit and encouraging words, Lisa - it means a lot.