Friday, February 22, 2008

MS Carnival #5 - Submissions Due

"A gathering of MS Bloggers sharing thoughts, opinions, news,
and inspiration around the Blogosphere."

It's time to prepare for the next Carnival of MS Bloggers and to feature the best of the MS blogosphere. When submitting your post, please include:
  • Your blog's URL
  • Your post's URL
  • Brief summary of the post
Submission Deadline - Tuesday, February 25, 2008 (noon)

You may submit via Blog Carnival or email.

Participating is Easy!!

If you are a blogger with MS or someone who blogs about MS, you are invited to participate. Here's what you should do...
  • Choose one of your best posts from the past 2-3 weeks
  • The topic does not need to be limited to multiple sclerosis
  • Submit the post for consideration in the next Carnival edition
  • Be sure to include a brief synopsis (or summary) of the post
When the Carnival is published, you will receive an email from me that the edition is available. Then, post an announcement on your blog (in a separate post) that the Carnival is available, including a link back to the specific edition.

Let the community grow!!

Also, if you'd like the code to the Carnival Button (on the left sidebar) simply send me a brief email, or try to copy/paste the button and place it on your very own sidebar.


  1. feel free to include my last piece about ballerina toes. i am not missing the carnival this time!

  2. Ok, Lisa...gulp, I'm gonna try this. I'll go through my dribble.