Saturday, February 2, 2008

Depression and Drugs - What do you take?

Depression is certainly an interesting topic, especially for those with multiple sclerosis. The disruption of neuro-communications in MS can cause depression. Dealing with a diagnosis can cause depression. The disease-modifying meds can contribute to depression. Being unable to enjoy favorite activities in the same way or fear of the future can contribute to depression. And.....

So are you depressed just thinking of all the possible reasons you might experience depression as a patient with MS? Please don't be because there are ways to tame the beast and find firm ground again.

Fellow MSers have continued the discussion on their blogs and have asked for folks to share their experiences with different medications taken for depression.

Please go visit Jim and Merelyme and help to add to the collective knowledge of those who have experienced depression. I did.


  1. Yes.. this is a needed discussion among those who have MS. We all need to have good quality life without depression. We deserve to enjoy life.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. yes thank you for this post...i am hoping we can get others to join the discussion. i am learning a lot already. it is so good to know there are options.

    still trying to put the carnival of bloggers button on my sidebar. has anyone had success?

  3. ahhh i am proud of myself! i just did it! heh!

  4. Depression with MS is a topic that puzzles me. If a new treatment or drug that's prescibed causes side effects of anxiety or depression that wasn't present before, does it make sense to take another drug for the depression? If life, and circumstances beyond our controll causes frustration, do we learn to deal and adapt or take a pill? I argue these points with my docs, and have done therapy with a counselor instead. so far so good...who knows?

  5. MS can exist without depression and depression can exist without MS. The two are not always connected but can certainly exacerbate each other.

    I experienced depression many years before MS arrived. And my deepest experience with depression/anxiety prompted me to seek counseling in addition to medication. Having a relationship with a therapist already certainly helped me through the MS diagnosis process and following emotions. Sometimes cognitive therapy is not enough to help an individual climb out of a deep hole and there should be no shame in trying medication when indicated.

    Clinical depression is different than the occasional 'blues' or situational anxiety/depression. Personally I chose my MS drug because of it's lower depressive effects.

    Personally, I've also sought opportunities to take fewer medications and only those which are truly necessary. For me, Zoloft is absolutely necessary.