Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I must...I must...BLOG!!!

Diane has a rather thought-provoking post today discussing what it may be inside each of us which blogging allows us to access and release.

"You see, it isn’t his blog or him that has me questioning this blog world---it is me. Who was that furious, disgusted person? His older, white man, woe is my kind-let’s get back to the good old days as God intended, type is a dime a dozen. I’ve worked with, lived with, dealt with his kind many, many times in my life…yet HE got to me."

I've asked the question Why My Blog?!!, as have other MS bloggers, while contemplating the various whys and whats of interacting in the blogosphere.

While I need a little more time to process the thoughts which Diane has invoked, I'd thought you might appreciate this little tidbit of humor.


Thanks to for the giggles.


  1. My partner has given up on me. "Lisa said this and then Doug tried to tell the othr Doug that the little navigater, well, first Naomi had told Doug from Palm Springs, he works for Petco, that Live Lesbian, oh she made me mad, anyway tt has the..." eyes glaze over after "Lisa said..." ((Who the H is LISA?) My home aide is here and I' like, "Just a minute Lisa has something I have to go see..." They all think I've lost it. And I, who, "HATES" computers!

  2. Lisa,
    I, too, saw that cartoon this morning and sent it to the boyfriend....I' not as far gone as Diane, I think, but I am gaining on her.