Thursday, February 14, 2008

Annoying mysteries of life from a frustrated blogger

Why is it when you want to be alone that your phone won't stop ringing?

Or when you just want to go online that your computer connection goes kaput?

These are the questions which have plagued me the past few days. I've had such great ideas for blogging, but couldn't get online. Which also means that I've been disconnected from 'the world' where email and other bloggers live. It's hard to imagine how torturous this has been (and is probably will continue to be as I've finally resorted to establishing a dial-up connection for now.)

Then last night, all I wanted to do was to be quiet and calm after the first day back to teaching since Joshua passed. But guess what I got.....the endless phone calls. Aarghh. It's really hard to sound sweet and polite when what you want to do is throw the phone at the wall.

I guess some of my sadness is moving into veiled anger and irritability. Such is the nature of grief I suppose.

And finally today (or rather yesterday) absolutely NO ONLINE computer activity. Double aarghh!! So here I am though using a dial-up, needing to call the appropriate tech service people AGAIN to try to figure out what has gone wrong.

But anyway, I wanted to let folks know....I'm still here....sorta.

And to do it justice the Carnival of MS Bloggers may be late in coming, but it will be coming!!!!

Finally, Rob and I are going on a road trip this weekend. So I'll be absent again for a few days. But I shall return...I promise.


  1. I am sorry for your situation. I always think I am only one with computer "down," I jot down post or story ideas or words I like and in a couple of days(after my care giver finds scraps of paper, tissues, post it notes, two days later--neither of us can read what I wrote. Take some time off, reboot. Breathe deep.

  2. Just glad you're still here...wherever THAT is today!

    Linda D. in Seattle

  3. I guess that means you are a bigger gear in the clockwork of the universe than you thought!

  4. Hi! Lisa

    How funny that I commented on the same thing yesterday on my blog.
    Yesterday must have been telephone day. Of course it happens when I don't feel like talking to anybody.

    I'm frustrated today with the internet . I heard a report on the radio this morning stating that
    marijuana is NOT recommend for people with MS . It's according to research at Sunnybrook hospital.
    Do you think I can get into their website or find anything about this story? No, and it's driving me

    I have finally figured out how to use my blog properly. Hey! I can do links now. Maybe I'll enter Carnival of MS Bloggers next time you host it.

    Hope you enjoy your trip

  5. Hey Lisa,
    Take a break and don't worry about the Carnival. We can wait.

    Not much to report on the study anyway...only 10 participants and the results show that reaction times in MSers who smoke pot is slower than those who don't. Not a nearly big enough number of subjects for a test mind you, but those are preliminary findings. So, do you mind being a little slower or would you rather be in pain. That about sums it up. Of course, that just highlights the need to find a cause and cure soon, or come up with better treatments for symptoms.


  6. Lisa,

    This, too, shall pass...

    Such is the cycle of life.


  7. We will be here when you get back. Take a break from the computer until you get this fixed. Relax and enjoy the weekend.

    Jim :)

  8. Thank you guys for the wonderful words of support. After giving up and replacing my modem and router, I'm up and running...finally. But I will be taking some time away from the computer this weekend and with my sweetie. A much needed break indeed.

    You guys are great!!

  9. Hope you are having a good dose of R&R!