Friday, April 1, 2011

Alarms Sounding - An MS Acrostic Morning

My ears were awakened by a roaring alarms this morning.
Under the veil of sleep, I was confused and disoriented.  Who wouldn’t be?
Looking outside my window, I saw no car being hijacked.
Then I get up to go downstairs to investigate.
It quickly becomes apparent that the alarm was from within the house.
Precisely on cue the phone joins in the chorus.  Ack, where is the phone?
Looking for it, I finally pick up one receiver only to have it stop ringing.
Eeks, now my cell phone is sounding its own alarm.  At least I know where it is.

Security is checking to see that everything is alright.  Zone 10 has been breached.
Could the front door really be ajar while I’m looking it at closed up tight?
Literally the sleep fog is beginning to role away around this time.
Early mornings are not my thing, mind you.
Reaching into logic hiding under the sleepy cobwebs, I have a thought.
On departing, my mom didn’t get out of the house fast enough and triggered the alarm.
Seems I was close in my guestimation.  Oops, she apologizes for disturbing my sleep.
I decide to see what the world was up to this morning without crawling back into bed.
Seems I forgot to take my morning meds which explains why my face is feeling crushed.

Symptoms are pesky little creatures.  Many of mine are sensory in nature.
You want to ignore them but sometimes they sneak up on you.
Maybe I should get up from the couch and go take some neuronton.
Perhaps that would be the smart thing to do.  ....okay, I just did.
Telling my morning’s story in an acrostic poem wasn’t what I had planned.
Or maybe using WEGO Health’s daily blog prompt this morning was clever indeed.
Makes you stretch your mental muscles and start some creative juices.  Both good
Since I’m now waiting for the drugs to kick in so that I can get on with my day.



  1. Very Clever Post. Glad everything is Okay and you took your Neurontin. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. Very nicely done. I also love playing with words and especially poetry.

    About the false alarm, that too is familiar to me. Very annoying, but better than a real emergency :-).

  3. I love your creativeness :) Neat words

  4. I LOVE this! You are a gifted writer...:)

  5. Wow! How did you do this, this is amazing?!!

  6. I liked your acrostic, I learned a lot from it.

    That was certainly a stressful way to wake up.

  7. Very cool post. Sorry your day started out so stressful.

  8. I hate getting startled awake like that -- sorry it was a rough start to your day, but glad it wasn't anyone breaking in!

    Nice acrostic, too!!