Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Smart Nurses at the Infusion Center

I like “no drama,” really I do.  At the beginning of this month, I received my third round of Rituxan infusions.  I was really looking forward to treatment.

My wrists and fingers had begun flaring in January and weren’t letting up substantially.  My toes were tender and very “ouchy.”  And, I could no longer stretch my palms/fingers to reach an octave at the piano.  Now THAT was the final straw, what with rehearsals and performances coming up.

It was time for re-treatment.  The positive effect of the previous round of infusions from last summer were sustained for about eight months.  An improvement over the first round’s effectiveness of five months.  I’d be thrilled if this round lasted for one year.  How cool would that be?

Not only was I looking forward to treatment itself, I was anxious to try out a different hospital’s outpatient infusion center.  My experience at the previous location was rather negative and I basically refuse to go back there.  I had high hopes that this time would be different and go smooth as silk.

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What Does It Take to Feel "Cared For" by Medical Professionals?


  1. So sorry you had to undergo such horrible care at the first hospital. I've seen this type of arrogance, and it makes my blood boil. Glad you were treated so well on the next day.

  2. Hi Muff,

    I forgot to link to the story of the first hospital experience...the one where I won't go back to. You can read about it in "Living with RA: Infusions, Phlebitis, and Self-Advocacy." I went there for four infusions and that was three more times than I should have gone.

    Just the simple act of making sure to avoid a repeat bad experience (at the 2nd location) wins the nurses lots of kudos in my book.

    Now the 2nd hospital didn't feed me lunch while I was there, but I'll gladly trade food for a smooth experience. :) At least I knew ahead of time to bring my own lunch.