Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome MS Bloggers

Please welcome new MS bloggers to the community.  If you have a blog you wish to be included please contact me.  (If you have contacted me and I haven't listed you, please send me another email.) 

Dancing with Monsters - Kate
I'm an artist who has been living with multiple sclerosis since I was 20. I've discovered that thinking about chronic illness and healing as a creative process helps me move through the hard stuff and get back to the joy.

Dochas: Living a Life of Hope with MS -  Lydia
I am a 28 year old girl, from Dublin, Ireland and am only a few months into my journey with Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed with RRMS in October 2010, and have been on Copaxone daily injections since November 2010. Dóchas is the Irish word for "Hope". I want this blog to encourage hope and positivity in others that are also dealing with Multiple Sclerosis.

My New Normals - Nicole
I'm a 35 year old married, but independent woman without little ones. I've gone from nursing in New Orleans, Louisiana to sales throughout mid-Atlantic Maryland and now writing with you, wherever you are! Enter Multiple Sclerosis. Damn! It ransacked my fast paced “normal" life like hurricane Katrina nearly wiped away New Orleans! There is more to me than MS and I am here to remember exactly what that is through an old passion....writing! It seems if you look hard enough you can findsomething you can control! For example, today I’ve chosen to move forward despite multiple sclerosis and this life changing exacerbation. Instead, of trying to be who I use to be I’m refining who I am now. BUT, boy would I at least like to drive!!!! If you have MS or for these purposes have been banned from driving. I would love to hear how you are coping. As for me, writing is slowly moving me closer to an impermeable happiness that stands independent of the circumstances of my life. Happiness despite...

The Day in My Life with MS - Jennifer
am a mother of four beautiful children, and a grandmother of one spunky 2 1/2 year old grandson. I was diagnosed with MS in 2008 - and found the need to share my story with the world. It isn't the end of life as you know it, even though your life may change drastically. You can find positive things to help you carry on... Positive thinking and activities help you to carry on. Carry on with a smile on your face... :-)

The MS Muse - Kayla
My name is Kayla. I was diagnosed with MS in 2006. I'm a 20-something classical musician and teacher, web developer, student, writer and more. I like books and music and mountains. This blog is a place for me to ramble about things MS makes me think about. Sometime soon I'll add a link here that tells my MS story. Thanks for reading! 

A Strong Cup of Tea - Mandie
I am 50 years old, having left England at 19 and arriving in the USA on 7/4/1979. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in May of 2008 and my life has changed drastically since then....

Optimistic with MS - CSA
I am 27 years old. I was diagnosed with MS in September 2010. Being diagnosed with MS can be very difficult, so I decided to start this blog to try to express my feelings toward my diagnosis and my optimistic outlook for the future. My hope is to reach out to others who have been affected by MS, to provide a learning opportunity to those who know little about MS, and to provide people with ways to become involved in finding a cure.

Laughing with Primary Progressive MS - Karl
I'm a 44 yr old guy who is struggling with severe Multiple Sclerosis, effects of a spinal injury, severe depression, adoptee issues and abuse issues. I've been using humor a lot to combat my illness, hopefully that will come through here.

Walking Tall - Gilenya (new oral drug) Blog - Kathy
We noticed the first signs of Multiple Sclerosis in 1987. It began with numbness, tingling and difficulty walking. The official diagnosis came in 1992. I began Beta Seron in 1993 and have been on it until 2011; 18 years. On February 24, 2011 I went off Beta Seron, and on February 28, 2011, I began the first disease altering medication for MS, Gilenya.

365 Days of MS - Louise

Follow Maggie - Maggie

Me and MS -

Mein Leben mit MS - Birgit Bauer
Der Tag, an dem mir Ärzte mitteilten, das ich "Multiple Sklerose" habe, war der Tag, an dem mein Leben gegen eine Mauer prallte.  Mein neues Leben begann. Wie ich heute lebe, erzähle ich hier! Alles ist anders und ich bin das Gegenteil von dem, was vielleicht manch einer mitleidig erwartet. Was als Krankheit begann, derzeit nicht heilbar ist, wurde zur Herausforderung und zur Chance meines Lebens.

Blog Haus - MS: Leben mit Multipler Sklerose - Stefan
In seinen zweiwöchentlichen Beiträgen beschäftigt sich der Schriftsteller Maximilian Dorner mit Aspekten rund um das Thema Multiple Sklerose: ungewohnt, schräg - aber immer eines: betroffen


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