Thursday, April 14, 2011

So Much Going On, What to do First?

Do you ever feel like there is so much you need to do but that it becomes paralyzing?  I'm beginning to feel that way lately.  So many commitments coming up that I must prepare for.  So many posts/article to write.  Preparations for performances and interviews....

Next week there are two shows/webinars in which I will be a featured participant.  I'll be sure to remind you about those again.

This weekend I will get to meet some distant relatives one of whom found me through an online genealogy service.  Her father and my grandfather were cousins raised in the same home.  She will be introducing me to some other relatives named Weller who were prominent settlers of land not too far from here.  In fact, I'm told that the Wellers owned the land which is now Camp David in Maryland.  I'm sure that I'll hear lots of stories this weekend.

Yesterday a book arrived on my doorstep.  I'm very anxious to read the book which is an autobiography (Chopin and Beyond: my extraordinary life in music and the paranormal) because I will be interviewing the author for an article at MyRACentral next month.  I'd like to be as prepared as possible.  Get this - the interviewee is a famous concert pianist.  I mean seriously famous and one of the great American pianists of the 20th century.  He is Byron Janis.

Besides being one of only three students that Vladimir Horowitz ever taught, performing for several presidents at the White House and representing our country abroad, performing from a young age and for many decades, Byron Janis develop psoriatic arthritis in the mid-1980's.  He continued performing while hiding his arthritis for many years.  He is now an ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation.  Am I feeling a bit intimidated?  Absolutely.

Then there are the students who are performing at another solo festival in two weeks.  I need to rehearse and practice.  This is followed by the big annual studio recital on Mother's Day.  Usually I perform a selection as well, but so far this year I don't yet have a clue what I might pull out of the finger archives.  Time is just speeding by so quickly....Yikes1!

So what do I do about it?  I'm sitting here typing this while I should be working on any of the above tasks.  Maybe I should go.  Talk to you again soon.  I promise.

P.S. My baby girl, Musette, has requested a firm back scratching (she's very itching cause it's the season for shedding) and wants to play.  I believe THAT is what I will be doing first.  :)

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  1. you sound very busy. And I agree it can become overwhelming sometimes - what's that my Dr always tells me? oh yeah, avoid stress (always said with a chuckle).

    However, I think it is great that you do have your priorities in the right order (Musette's back scratch of course) - my boys would definitely agree!