Monday, April 11, 2011

Power of Patient Communities, Most Under-Utilized Resource, Let Patients Help

My friend Dave deBronkart (aka "e-patient Dave") presented this talk at TEDxMaastrict last week. He has an inspiring story of beating is Stage IV Kidney cancer through the help of other patients. The Power of Patient Communities.

He is a vocal proponent of patient empowerment and engagement. Fortunately for all of us patients, he has a message which is being heard more widely at conferences such as this and in publications. I've said it before - patients are an under-utilized resource when it comes to improving health care.

In concluding moments, Dave says, "Let Patients Help."


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Lisa! He is so inspiring! I feel more helpful after watching this video than I have felt in quite some time. Now, I just need to figure out where to start...

  2. oops... I meant "hopeful" but I suppose I am "hopeful" that I can be "helpful" to myself and others. Here's hoping...

  3. Hey Kipperly!!

    Dave is very much just the same in person as he seems on video. Very energetic and engaging. A great spokesperson for patient empowerment indeed.

    I liked your helpful/hopeful comments. Both are absolutely necessary in traveling down this road. Help and hope.

    And I hope that you are doing well. :)