Friday, April 15, 2011

Listen to the Patient and Let Him Lead the Way

Last week I attended The Atlantic's 2011 Health Care Forum in Washington, D.C.  You may have read about my experience traveling there on the metro (see Excuse me please, I need a seat).  Read more about the day's event at HeathCentral where I discuss the need for organizations, companies, and government to listen to the patient.

Improving healthcare is about more than increasing compliant or adherence.  To begin to change the system, patients must get involved in their own care.  Patients must be given a voice in stage at conferences such as the one last week.  It is being done, but we can't stop there.  Patients and medical professionals need to work together for better outcomes, and that means so much more than just being convinced to take your meds on time and consistently.

I know that I am helping other MS and RA patients be healthier as a result of our communications online.  The information and support we give each other is powerful.  Just imagine how healthy our society would be if the "healthy" people took as much interest in their own well-being as we do.  A shift in thinking needs to occur.

Read this post in its entirety:

Utilizing Patients: Participatory Medicine and Health Care

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