Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pepsi Refresh Grand: Vote for Non-Mainstream MS Research Institute

The Neurologique Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to patient-centered care, education and research, is applying for a Pepsi Refresh Grant in the amount of $250,000 to Establish a Non-Mainstream MS Research Institute: CCSVI, LDN, etc. The director of Neurologique, Dr. Daniel Kantor, is "committed to developing non-mainstream approaches focused on pverwhelming patient desire for new and innovative approaches to treating MS (Multiple Sclerosis)."


  • To establish a non-mainstream MS research institute
  • To promote patient involvement in research goals
  • To raise awareness among neurologists concerning alternate approaches
  • To act as a model for other autoimmune disease states


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) affects over 450,000 Americans, yet there is no cure. While there have been advances in mainstream treatments of MS, there is an outcry among patients for the development of other treatment avenues. Recent discoveries suggest that non-mainstream approaches may be beneficial in developing treatments and an eventual cure.

A non-mainstream MS research institute would allow patient input into exciting ways of treating MS. A few examples include CCSVI and LDN. Research into these treatments would allow for more definitive therapies and eventual adoption and acceptance by treating neurologists.

All research needs funding, and the Pepsi Refresh Everything Grant may help expand interest in this exciting new field of patient-centered research. It is only through well designed research that people with MS can have readily accessible care that the entire MS community deserves.

  • Design of clinical trials 
  • Input from patients
  • Public awareness campaign

How will the 250K be Used?

  • $55,000 - Research coordination
  • $175,000 - Conduct research trial
  • $20,000 - Public awareness campaign (patients, neurologists, legislators)
Budget Notes: The budget will not cover Dr. Kantor's salary, which will be donated pro bono by him to the project. The budget will not cover services that we are applying for from in-kind donations. The budget will not cover administrative costs, which Neurologique will donate pro bono to the project.

Message from Dr. Kantor:

Voting is Open through November 30, 2010.

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  1. Excellent, thanks for posting this Lisa. I'm going to vote now.