Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New MS Patients, Solumedrol, and Conversation

Over the weekend, I was working on a couple of posts for MultipleSclerosisCentral.com.  None of them are complete just yet and on Monday morning I was trying to finish at least one.  I even took my computer with me to the neuro’s office to get some work done while I was tied to an IV pole, but it didn’t work.

Why was I at the neuro’s office?  It was time for my monthly dose of IV Solumedrol.  The infusion center was packed full.  Part of that was due to patients fitting in their treatments before the Thanksgiving holiday (like me), the other part was due to the number of patients experiencing relapses.

I walked in at 9:20 AM and found only one empty chair out of six.  The seventh chair was full of pillows and a couple of blankets.  These are important items, so they deserve a chair of their own.  LOL.

Read this post in its entirety:

Monday Morning at the Neurology Clinic: New MS Patients, Solumedrol, and Friendly Conversation

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