Sunday, November 21, 2010

November Update - RA, MS, Weight Loss, and Holidays

Correction - Jen is another person who has commented positively on the weight loss. Thanks, Jen, you rock!!


  1. I think your face looks much thinner, not that it looked fat when I saw you last Summer, just rounder. Congratulations on keeping off the 40-50 pounds. That's quite an achievement, Lisa.

    I just noticed, you don't speak with a Northeastern dialect. You sound like you're from Seattle!

  2. Your face is indeed thinner! Congratulations!

  3. I used to weigh almost 300lbs, so I tread light with weight discussions. I try to see the inner person. I used to be offended when people told me I looked thinner, because that implied I looked fat b4! You looked beautiful when I met you and you look beautiful now. I rember seeing those bones for the first time--I THOUGHT IT WAS A TUMOR! (My clavicle) LOL When I got cancer I dropped to 120 and looked sickly, but I WAS thrilled to wera "BUM" jeans. How screwed up is that?! I tell people now, that cancer is the best diet--pounds just roll off. YOU look smashing! 40 MORE? Uh, okay, "Buddy." Hey, have a great time visiting family! Hear from ya soon!