Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Big Blue Test: Watch a Video, Help a Child

My friend Manny Hernandez of Tu Diabetes and the Diabetes Hands Foundation has come up with a terrific plan to help tons of kids with diabetes get the insulin they need.
The Big Blue Test event is simple: watch the video below and you’ll help a little one get healthy. It’s just that easy.

On November 14, 2010, World Diabetes Day, take the test yourself if you have diabetes.  Share your results.

When you take 1:49 seconds to watch this video -- and pass it on -- Roche Diabetes Care will make a donation for life-saving insulin and diabetes supplies to get to children in need.

Roche joined forces with the Diabetes Hands Foundation to underwrite the Big Blue Test above - to accomplish two aims. 1) Encourage people with diabetes to see the benefit of moderate activity. 2) Help the Foundation fund two vital diabetes charities.

For every view the video receives - between now and November 14th, Diabetes Day - Roche is making a donation to the Diabetes Hands Foundation the entirety of which will be used to assist the Life for a Child program and Insulin for Life. These two global, humanitarian assistance programs provide ongoing care and diabetes education to children in the world's poorest countries - care essential to stay alive.

Donations provide children with life-sustaining insulin, syringes and blood sugar monitoring equipment, teach parents how to care for their child's diabetes, cover transportation costs for supplies, ensure continuous infrastructure improvements and help to develop new programs. Currently more than 25 such programs keep children alive around the world.

With 100,000 views, Roche will give the Foundation its largest donation - $75,000.

At the time of this posting, the video has 67,000 views.  Only 33,000 views to go before Sunday!!!

Please view and help spread the message.

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