Friday, November 12, 2010

Nature's Glorious Gifts, Like Music for the Soul

Colorful leaves have been falling to the ground for weeks.  Rainfalls have drenched the ground.  The combination has left a gorgeous 'painting' upon my front sidewalk.  The gray stone is etched with images of leaves now blown away on the wind.

Nature is truly beautiful.  In fact, the universe works in glorious ways.

I am often the beneficiary of forces which keep my life balanced and moving forward, always leaving a smile on my heart.

Read this excerpt from my Monday's post on MyRACentral:
My voice has gotten stronger over the years since disease has moved in.  I used to be a shy person who never spoke up or tried to draw attention to myself.  However, I was fairly comfortable when I had a musical instrument at my hands to speak for me.

Lately, I’ve not been performing music on stage as frequently, but I have been using my voice to speak to people....
Many times in my life, I have experienced a minor disappointment, such as a student quitting lessons, only to have two new potential students call the next day asking about lessons.

So Monday I mention publicly that I haven't been performing as much lately.  Then Tuesday, I receive an email offering me the opportunity to perform in a concert this Sunday.  Unfortunately one rehearsal is scheduled on Saturday morning, during the very same time that I have a prior commitment.  I tell the contractor about this conflict, but mention that I am available for the other services (rehearsals and performance) if he still needs me.  The contractor asks me to reserve those other dates, just in case.

Thursday, I was traveling out of town to speak on a panel of health activists at a conference.  While at the event, I happened to meet up with someone and we had a long conversation during which I talked about being a musician.  He asked about the types of groups I play with and I mention my favorite gig - performing with the National Gallery of Art Orchestra.  I even mention that they have a concert this coming Sunday.

After leaving the conference and sitting on the train coming home, I get a chance to check my email.  What do I find?  The confirmation that I am needed to perform with the NGA orchestra this Sunday although I will miss one of three rehearsals.

In general with all of the traveling I've been doing, I have been practicing less.  My playing 'chops' are a bit mushy and out of shape (to be honest).  I was almost relieved that I might not be able to play this concert but not for the reason of turning down the opportunity.

However, I am needed to play.  I need to play.  I need to be able to play.  I spend some time Thursday night exercising my lungs and chest, breathing into the horn.  Coaxing a warm sound from the cold metal, vibrations traveling upon the air.  Praying that the body takes over and demonstrates more strength than I should be allowed to expect with the neglect it has suffered.

Friday (today) I go to rehearsal, music unseen awaiting me on the music stand.  I find music from composers unknown, horn parts both exposed and transparent.  Any wobbles or mishaps will be glaringly apparent.

But then rehearsal begins.  The lips cooperate, the abs stay strong and firm.  The blend of sounds created by different instruments reminds me of the falling colorful leaves outside.  I breathe in the warm air of beautiful music.  It feels good to my body.  Good for my soul.

I needed this gentle reminder from the universe that I really am a musician, an artist deep down.  Just as nature has left a piece of art on my sidewalk, the universe continues to color my life with surprises and affirmations.  For this, I am eternally grateful. 


  1. Oh wow Lisa, what amazing photos. Nature's art, I love it.

  2. Amazing post Lisa. You really have found your voice.


  3. Lisa, you are amazing. What a well written piece. Your gracious enthusiasm is catching. I just heard the Canadian geese flying overhead. It's a wonderful time of year. I'm sure your performance will be grand!

  4. I am so happy for you that you remain so active and involved with the things you love. Your photo of the leaves' images is inspired. Good luck Friday.

  5. Well said and have a blast with the performance.

  6. Indeed Lisa...disease can not rob us of our essential nature...YOU are an artist, a musician it is a signature on your soul! I'm so pleased to read that you will be able to play and feel the joy of performing!!!