Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome to the MS Blogosphere

beingtoostrong's blog by Janet
Now I’m just wondering when is it my turn to not be the strong one. So far I have had to be strong for everyone around me. Pretend that this isn’t bothering me. Especially for the kids and my husband. And most of the time I have to even hide my symptoms. So I’d just like to know when everyone else is going to get used to the news so that I can go find a quiet place and start screaming. But I guess that’s what this is all about.
Stranger Feet by Nik
Selfishly addicted to life. I'm a mid-30s, happy, somewhat-judgemental, optimist who loves being in the great outdoors and happens to have MS.
oh blah dee, oh blah dah by princessB
When I see someone struggling with a pebble, I want to hug them and say "You're not alone; I have a pebble, too."  It won't make their pain any less.  But it will make it less frightening.  Less lonely.
MS Renegade by Marie
"A Highly Opinionated Perspective on Living with Multiple Sclerosis"
Life is a Journey, Enjoy It! by Cindy
My name is Cindy, I am married, with 3 grown children, and two spoiled and well loved silky terriers Princess & Taz I re-started this blog since DX 7/29/10 with MS. I hope to use it as a journal as I set off to new adventures of my lil world that I now call "Weeble Land."
Living with Multiple Sclerosis by Diana
Diana Neutze, poet and MS survivor, shares her thoughts. 
The Cutest Chaos by Melissa
I am just an ordinary girl. I am a recovering pack-rat who now loves to organize. It has become an addiction almost. It makes me feel so good when I go through a room and make it look clean and simple! Among other things I love to bake, craft, knit, crochet and cook. I guess you could say I am a Martha Stewart wanna-be. I was diagnosed with MS in 2006 but try not to let it “own me”.
both sides now
Welcome to a blog of many faces. They are all my face, but they look different in different lights. Sometimes what you see can be pretty straight forward. Other times the light can play tricks on your eyes. You can learn many things and nothing, and whereas you can actually gather grains of truth from my frequent poetic licence, you may not want to judge too quickly. All of what you see here is true. But know that not all is completely in focus.
Pick Tammy's Brain by Tammy
I thought I would blog about my experience with MS-Multiple Sclerosis. I wanted to create a venue where my friends and family could check up on me. All are welcome!
6hundred50thousand by Jordan
"A general theory of expanding philosophy"
The MS Champion by Stephen
Hello friends! My name is Stephen. My main points of interest are music, cooking, art, but more importantly advocation and education about Multiple Sclerosis. In my blogs, I will write about stories of the trials and the victories I have gone through living with MS.
All in My Head
"my thoughts, my interests, my goals, my multiple sclerosis"
Sunny, With a Chance of Clouds by Natalie
I'm 27 years old and had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on Valentine's Day, 2006. Life as I knew it changed dramatically. From using a wheelchair for two years and learning how to walk all over again, my diagnosis has changed my life for the positively better. Having kept my disability a secret for four years, this is my story of living with a diagnosis and how I'm rising about it, embarking on a new life.
Multiple Sclerosis and Beyond
"information, thoughts and comments on multiple sclerosis"
MS, Life and Superpowers by Gav
The inane ramblings and occasionally surreal thoughts about MS, life, superpowers and such like =)
My MS Journey by Ted
I'm 56, a professional, diagnosed with secondary progressive MS in 2004, currently dealing with a self-assessed EDSS of 6.0. I was assessed and treated for CCSVI in Poland on April 29th, 2010.
Demyelinated not Destroyed by Shannon
"Giving help and hope to those living with demyelinating diseases and their loved ones"
Pip's Blog by Pip
I manage the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre (www.bmstc.org)and have an interest in any issues concerning MS and disability. My interests outside work include travel, sailing, film, theatre and music with a particular interest in guitar which I am attempting to learn!
Thoughts and Stories by Mary Ellen
But smiling helps get through the day by day problems. And besides, smiles really are contagious. I hope the one I have right now has caught on to you!
News regarding chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency and MS

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  1. Lisa, thanks so much for listing my new blog!! I am really grateful.

    I am looking forward to stopping by the others that you list as well.

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    Marie :)