Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hallowgreen Contest - Fight Air Pollution

One of my horn students and a classmate have entered the Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment Hallowgreen contest.  Their 3-D project (seen below) depicts problems with air pollution and is labeled "Gunston MS Air Pollution."

With an online component to the contest, it'd be great if you checked out the submissions and voted for your favorite project (which is "Gunston MS Air Pollution," right?)  The projects will also be judged next week at the Hallowgreen benefit, sponsored by the organization.  Only one vote is allowed per computer or mobile device.

Please vote and feel free to pass this on to your friends.

Hallowgreen logo
As part of the Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment Hallowgreen celebration, we are holding an Eco-Horror Contest, and YOU get to pick the winner. Each of the participating teams is creating a spooky display on an environmental topic facing our community. Vote between now and Friday, October 22 for your favorite. The winner of this online contest will receive $50, to be presented at Hallowgreen on October 27.
Gunston MS - Air Pollution - This model portrays Smogville and Greenville. Smogville models a town with terrible air pollution and the effects it has on the city and people's health. Greenville is a model of what all US towns desire: pure, clean, air!
Gunston display - air pollution

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