Monday, October 25, 2010

Autumn and Arthritis: RA Through the Years

Hey folks, it’s finally autumn around here!!  The leaves are changing, pumpkins and mums can be seen everywhere, and we’re just days away from Halloween.  I can hardly imagine what has happened to summer and early fall.  Time has simply flown by so very quickly.

Have you ever noticed that when things are going well, time flies?  This seems to be true right now.  And looking ahead at the calendar, it feels as though it should be January already.  My life is so very scheduled right now, it’s not funny.  But the fact that I’m able to be so involved and active is a very good thing.

One year ago, I was not able to schedule much of anything.  I was sick, sick, sick with bronchitis which wouldn’t give up.  I was still greatly depressed and feeling the effects of a humongous MS relapse during the summer, accompanied by a cumulative total of 8500mg of steroids.  And, I was 50 pounds heavier then I am right now.

2009 was not going so well until I took charge of at least one aspect of my health and approached my rheumatologist about trying a different RA medication (Rituxan).  I had done my research and knew that it is effective in RA and has also been studied as a potential treatment for multiple sclerosis.  My neurologist was excited about this possibility.

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