Saturday, October 30, 2010


Do you ever have a time where you just need to be still?  To let the crazy bustling of the world glide on by?

There are times where I've felt like this and often it is accompanied by an overwhelming urge to curl up into a crumpled ball in the bed and retreat from the world.  After years of watching this pattern within myself, I can recognize it as a sign of increasing depression.

But today, I don't want to hide away from the world.  I want to let the world engulf me and caress me.  Allow good things to happen and smile about it.  To breathe deeply and enjoy the shining sun.

Life is good.  Stillness is a blessing.


  1. Lisa, I know exactly how you feel with depression sneaking up on me ever so steadily. I had the good fortune to receive the appropriate antidote in the for of a six year old Bernese Mountain dog who had lost fis family. Sammy has become my therapy dog and he keeps the depression at bay.

    You can read the full story on my blog under "Sam the Medicine Man" at

    I wish you all the best in garding against the slippery slope of depression.
    Ellie in WI

  2. one of the deep blessings of MS is that we have to slow down. We get to sit and contemplate, look and listen and inhale fragrances that many others are far too busy to stop or at least slow down to notice. I write about this a lot on my blog. I was a contemplative before MS, but now it feels more imperative.

    enjoy the shifting season much to experience in stillness and simply BEing.

  3. Hmmm... I hadn't thought about that being a warning sign that my depression is worsening. At the moment, I'm feeling overwhelmed with the election robo-calls, mailings, stupid TV commercials, and mounds of hate spewing everywhere. I hope by the end of this week, I will feel that it's safe to come out of my curled-up ball.