Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Mouse in the House

Looks like we have some extra creatures living somewhere in or around the house. In September, Rob was vacuuming the stairs and discovered a deceased visitor.  A little brown mouse was on the landing. 

We wondered just how long the mouse had been there, especially since folks had passed by several times already that day.  That little brown mouse was ultimately carried away.

Today as I walked through the dining room towards the kitchen (not being the first person to do so this morning) I spotted another deceased visitor.  Another dead mouse on the carpet right out in the open.

So where there's one mouse, there might be another.  Where there's two mice, then there certainly are going to be more.  So far, I haven't seen any other "evidence" of mice, but that doesn't mean that I won't.

I'm wondering which of our three cats might be the "mouser" of the bunch.  Nobody seemed all that interested in the dead mice that I could tell.  And the mice didn't look mangled at all.  They just looked like they had shriveled fright, maybe? 

However, I know that I'd be afraid of living in the same house as three cats if I were a mouse.


  1. I just wrote a post about this same "problem" a few nights ago. Hope your cats catch them all!

  2. About an hour ago I heard a noise of the other side of the wood stove. Had hubby look and sure enough, it was a mouse. My cat didn't even look up at the noise! So now a mousetrap is set, and I am waiting for it to go snap! Lucky me.

    He was the mouse run into the back of the stove, btw. So now we know where they're staying. You'd think that with two cats we wouldn't have this problem. The real mouser is our outdoor kitty. Alas.

  3. How odd. I had cats and mice (when I was a kid) and only dead mice were ones cat brought to drop at my feet. We once had a mother and about 12 babies, they followed her around to side walls to wherever, behind our couch. Cat never moved, looked up, back down and fast asleep. Now, that I think of it, my DOG killed a mouse once, but he just looked at it and it dropped over dead. (We DID have a pretty scary dog.) And the mice and birds were left at our front door, not brought inside " our feet..."
    Tom and Jerry, now THAT was a mouse!