Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vote for Brass and Ivory in 1st Annual Dosie Awards

Brass and Ivory is included with several MS-related forums and websites as nominees for the 1st Annual 2010 Dosie Award created by Jonathan Richman at Dose of Digital.

For convenience, follow the link below to vote for Brass and Ivory: Live with Multiple Sclerosis in the 'Best Patient or Caregiver Blog' category which includes blogs created by patients or caregivers, not owned by a pharma or healthcare company.

Vote Now for Brass and Ivory!

The voting is happening in two parts and the deadline is Tuesday, April 6 to get your recommended candidates into the Final Rounds.

Also, please vote for This Is MS and HealthCentral in the first half of the Round 1 group and for How I Fight MS and one other MS-related website in the second half of the Round 1 group. (Vote here for Round 1 groups!)

The Semi-final Rounds
  • Round 1: Wednesday, March 31: Best Brand Community, Best Non-Brand Community (Vote now if you missed it!)
  • Round 2: Thursday, April 1: Best HCP Community, Best YouTube Channel, Best Pharma/Healthcare Company Blog (Vote now if you missed it!)
  • Round 3: Friday, April 2: Best Patient or Caregiver Blog, Best Industry Observer Blog (Vote now if you missed it!)
  • Round 4: Monday, April 5: Best Facebook Page, Best Twitter Account
  • Tuesday, April 6: Noon, Eastern Daylight Time: Deadline to cast your vote in each category in the semi-finals

Don’t worry if you miss a day, the voting in each category will remain open as indicated below. For example, you’ll be able to vote for Best Industry Observer Blog until Tuesday, April 6. You won’t have to vote on that category on Friday, April 2.

The Final Round

  • Wednesday, April 7: Final Round Voting for every category
  • Wednesday, April 14: Noon, Eastern Daylight Time: Final Round voting is closed


  1. I voted for your blog, it's a great service to the community world wide.

  2. Thank you Diane and Stephany!! I really appreciate it.

  3. Thanks again. We three plus a couple of facebook folks may have been the only ones to vote. Alas, no MS-related blogs, forums, or websites made the finals. :(