Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"I choose my own..."

Recently I was contemplating (now don't get me thinking).

What if... the internet and blogs went CRAZY and started linking to random things, and we had no control over it.

What if... those links went to sources that we've never read, but it appears we are vouching for the validity and relevance of the material.

What if... Lisa tries her hand at haiku. A poet I'm not. ;)

I choose my own...

Links to articles.
Links to the best resources.
Links to my own blogs.

Research is needed
to find good sources to which
I prefer to link.

Links are like footnotes
providing confidence to
those who will follow.

To follow links and
find new stuff I hadn’t read
can be a shocker.

My sources, vetted,
are hand-selected, so please
leave linking to me.

And if you so choose
you are welcome to create
links to my own blog.

Good day!


  1. Nice job on the Haiku, the message and your wonderful
    number one MS+RA Blog. Mary

  2. great poem, and the message it sends out. Take care Lisa!

  3. Peace Be With You aka Judy is going to be proud of your Haiku. I like the message Great Job!

  4. LOL I worry about this too. Some weird stuff going on now as Google and Yahoo and Bing fight it out.

  5. Thanks so much guys!!

    Honestly, I had a little steam the other day which needed released. This was my attempt to spin that energy in another direction and I felt better afterward for having done so. :)