Friday, April 2, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Multiple Sclerosis 'MS' Bloggers meet in Delaware

April 1, 2010, Joan of A Short in the Cord, Jen of MS Strength and HowIFightMS, and Lisa of Brass and Ivory and HealthCentral joined together for a Mid-Atlantic MS Blogger shin-dig at Joan's house. It was spring break for the music lesson kiddos and time for a brief roadtrip.

We were joined by Sonia who is a regular at Joan's Friday night chatroom gatherings for MSers in Delaware and all over the world. Come join us sometime.

While sitting around and chit-chatting in the kitchen...

...we each took turns getting out the cameras to document this "frickin' big deal" as Joan called the event. ;-)

Yes, Joan, I quoted you on this, but chose the 2nd version of the phrase just to preserve the sweet, innocent image which your charming demeanor and home exudes. LOL.

Is the Quiche ready yet?

Check out the fabulous lunch Joan prepared for us. This after the bounty of appetizers and snacks consumed in the kitchen already. Sonia even brought a HUMONGOUS bottle of wine to complement the occasion.

Freshly fed and enjoying some great conversation and company, we look like a satisfied bunch don't we?

We did talk about MS-related stuff, including our not-so-favorite symptoms, but we talked about much more. Hey, check out Joan's singing bowl. She got it going for us and now I kinda want one.

And to prove that we all really do exist beyond the electronic, computer world, we smiled broadly many times for the cameras. Thank you, Jen, for being a truly great friend beyond the blog and for putting up with my sometime insecure nature. In eleven short weeks, we'll have to see if Diane in Seattle really exists too. :-)

Thank you, Joan, for your hospitality and for living so centrally located. LOL. Your home is so warm and inviting, especially with your "private" pond and huge bounty of bird visitors. How you get anything done with that peaceful distraction, I'll never know.

I haven't been big on group meetings since the first year after diagnosis. But it was somewhat comforting to see others who have a slight hitch in their walk and who hold the table when standing. It's the little things which make a difference.


  1. Wonderful pictures, well-written description. Thanks so much for a wonderful day!


    (loss for words, not MS-related ; )

  3. Looks like a great time was had by all. I am still around you know. LOL.

  4. I can't wait to meet you and Jen on the Alaska cruise.

  5. Are you coming to Seattle? I would love to get together with all of you as well!! Although I'm not a blogger--I am an avid reader of all of your blogs

    It's fun to be able to put faces to all of you ...

  6. Sherry, I am still reading you. So glad to hear the wonderful things associated with your recent move. :)

    Cathy, I'm looking forward to it! I've never been on a cruise before and it looks to be a good one.

    Gretchen, yes, it would be great to meet you too!

    I'll be in Seattle for a couple days in June before the cruise. Perhaps we could all meet at Diane's retirement home or something.

    I'm flying in on a Wednesday morning, staying with one of Rob's friends, then the cruise boards on Friday. Don't have an specifics planned yet in Seattle.

  7. Yeah, we can take over the social room! The mgr would LOVE to show off the joint to possible/future residents. (Look interested.) Great pics! Too bad we can't hook up for my ("my" hahahaha)band gig at the joint here...thinking, thinking...

  8. I loved looking at your eyes...I could feel your feelings about the gathering and sharing with each other in person. I think one day I will have the chance to meet someone I know only from cyberspace...I look forward to it.

  9. I'm not too far from Seattle (40 miles South) - can I come too? Huh? Can I? Can I? I'm an MS Blogger. I'd love to meet you all face to face.

  10. Do you think Seattle can handle all of us at once? LOL

  11. Looks like it was a great gig. and Joan, the food and table setting is wonderful!


  12. Not only can SEATTLE handle you, Queen Anne Viewpointe can handle you rowdy group. Webster, we can get together sometime...zoomdoggie---you can steal coffee and cookies from social room. I am a real person...too. hahahahahha